Life Is Too Short

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Have you ever had the realization that you were spending time on something that just wasn’t worth it?

Have you ever looked at a situation and said “Life is too short for this!

And I don’t mean the time you decided that the lineup at Starbucks was too long to wait. I’m talking about BIG things. Life altering things.

If you’re familiar with my story, it won’t surprise you that I’ve had more than my fair share of “life is too short” revelations over the years. In fact, I use this phrase on a daily basis! You see, when you live your life using the Power of Mortality™, it becomes part of your built-in decision-making process.

Here’s how it works: If something is causing you some degree of stress, frustration, anger, anxiety – or ANY other negative emotion, simply ask yourself: “Is this worth it? If I knew that I only had six months left to live, would I want to spend my time and energy on this?”

I’ll give you one example from my own life.

I was once engaged to a woman who is not my wife. That’s right, I bought the diamond ring… got down on one knee and proposed. And she accepted! We set the wedding date for a year later. But as I drove away from the scene of the proposal, I couldn’t help notice a feeling that wasn’t quite right.

Don’t get me wrong – I was happy. I proposed… she said yes… so of course I was happy. But I wasn’t thrilled. And growing up I always imagined that I’d be thrilled when I got engaged. As the months progressed, I became less and less convinced that I’d made the right decision. Was it just “cold feet”? I couldn’t be sure – after all, I’d never been engaged before.

And here was the really tough part. There was nothing about the situation that was wrong – it was just that I knew that it wasn’t right. If something were clearly wrong, then my decision would have been simple. But given that I couldn’t point to one thing as the source of my unease, I felt trapped in the situation.

It took a few months, but I eventually I managed to quiet down the voice in my head (the one that was telling me to ‘suck it up and stick to your decision’) long enough to listen to my heart. And the second I did that, I realized one crystal clear truth:

Life is too short to spend it married to someone that you’re not thrilled about!

So I broke off the engagement (and the relationship) seven months before the wedding! We already had a deposit on a hall, we had already purchased the bonbonnières, and of course both families were gearing up for the nuptials. It was one of the most difficult days of my life and I was deeply sorry for the hurt that it caused my fiancée – but I knew in my heart that I was doing the right thing – life is too short!

(And for the record… my wife was the one who proposed to me! And I was so thrilled that I don’t even remember driving home that day!)

So what about YOU? Have you had any “life is too short…” realizations? Let’s hear about them in the comments!

I’m planning to interview some people who’ve made serious changes to their lives thanks to the realization that “life is too short”, so please come back soon to be inspired by their stories! (Or better yet, subscribe to email updates by entering your email address in the box on the upper right corner of the page or subscribe to my RSS feed.)

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  1. The problem with pondering the shortness of life is that it demotivates you for setting long term goals. If I did as you suggest, and imagined I had 6 months to live, would I spend time learning to play a musical instrument? Or would I be more likely to enjoy myself with short-term reward activities like video games?


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